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More than just a name, KUNA represents the amalgamation of two very different eras: the past, through the inspiration of the immensely rich aesthetic and technical expressions of the old Andean cultures, which reflect the harmonious relationship of their people with nature and their immediate environment, and the present day through the hands of highly skilled designers who select each color and create each sketch and design, giving new life to our roots. Every single garment tagged KUNA is not only an extraordinarily soft product manufactured with the best alpaca, vicuna, Ilama andguanaco fibers, but also a reflection of the importance that the grupo inca gives to conserve, breed and improve these species, and the efforts it goes to preserve the Andean communities and their invaluable knowledge and culture.

KUNA offers the world of design and fashion a style that expresses and evokes works of nature, human skills and a fabulous legacy, fusing them into a unique and captivating contemporary style. Alpacas are the most plentiful of the four south American camelids. Their textile fibres possess unique characteristics: very good thermal insulation, fineness, luster and a remarkable softness. Respectful of ancient traditional techniques, each fleece is still hand sorted by color and fineness. For KUNA garments, we only use the finest alpaca fibers of Royal Alpaca (less than 19 microns), Baby Alpaca (22.5 microns) and superfine (26.5 microns) and Superfine (26.5 microns), giving you only know from cashmere, Alpaca garments are more durable, have less pilling and are wrinkles resistant. Feel the Hands of the Andes with Kuna and stay warm and cosy.