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Kuna, a world of design and fashion from the finest alpaca

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New Products

KUNA creates clothes of highest quality and merges the world of textures and colours to develop a unique and captivating contemporary style. KUNA takes the inspiration from the magic and art of millenary Peruvian textiles and transforms its garments through skilled designer hands into an avant-garde proposal. This ancient tradition, together with the application of state-of-the-art technology and a fashion forward design point of view, helps KUNA to constantly go above and beyond merely satisfying its customers.

At KUNA you will find a one-of-a-kind Peruvian fashion collection, consisting of men’s and women’s clothing, jackets, coats and ponchos as well as a broad range of accessories such as scarves, wraps and shawls.

Each garment of KUNA includes the softness of the best fibre from alpacas, vicuñas, llamas and guanacos, but also involves the care in the conservation, breeding and improvement of these species, and in the preservation of Andean communities and their precious knowledge and culture.

KUNA. Feel the Hands of the Andes.